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The New Avatar Marketplace in the Virtual World

Global Reach
Break through language barriers effortlessly with our automatic translation features and tailored language support, enabling connections and transactions worldwide.
Low Platform Fees
Our marketplace ensures artists retain a significant portion of their earnings with a minimal 5% platform fee (excluding VAT) and no hidden charges, maximizing their profitability.

Marketing Support

We're dedicated to fostering artist success through initiatives like discounts and events, streamlining sales management for sustained creativity and prosperity.

    Boosting Marketing Support

    Launch official discount promotions to boost visibility for artists.

    Host special events and introduce new seasonal collections to help artists grow.


    Making Avatars Easier to Use

    Introduce Studio & Hub features in Eden for smoother avatar handling.

    Make it easier to connect to VRChat and other virtual streaming platforms.


    Partnering for Growth

    Team up with various external platforms to help artists reach more people.

    Provide better chances for artists to be discovered and grow their audience.