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Multi-Style Avatars with the Ease

Create a multi-platform compatible avatar that can be used in VRChat, virtual streaming, and various games through EDEN

Create a high-quality avatar easily for free

Create avatars that can be used on any platform, such as VRChat and VTube studio, the easiest and fastest


Easy Customization

Access EDEN to decorate and own your own avatar without the use of complex tools such as blender, unity


Express Yourself

Show your own personality by choosing avatars of various styles. Facial expression, skin, express yourself the way you like it


VRM to Multi-Platforms

Use your own avatar created through EDEN by connecting it to multiple platforms. You can use your avatar for various services

Own & Connect your avatars

Create your avatars and Use your avatars across hundreds of metaverse

  • Multi-Style avatar selection.
  • Customize with various options.
  • Connect your avatars to multi-metaverse platforms.

Create your avatar easily.

Create and connect avatars within 3 steps

1. Choose an avatar style.2. Customize3. Connect Apps

Partnership with us

Expand your brand into the metaverse through a partnership with EDEN-World.

  • Diverse avatar integration for metaverse platforms
  • Solutions for your brand's entry into the metaverse market
  • Easy avatar SDK provided for metaverse developers

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